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WETSAC is a versatile and multi-purpose waterproof bag that’s easy to use in so many ways.


The bag converts into a mat on which you can stand when changing out of your wetsuit, preventing sand and dirt from coating the rubber. Once you’ve removed your wetsuit, simply pull the drawstrings and close the bag and you have a closed waterproof container. WETSAC’s versatility doesn’t end there. The lightweight fabric and minimal storage required for WETSAC make it the perfect solution for cyclists, surfers, kiters, triathletes, kids’sport and boating. The possibilities are just endless with this great, versatile bag …


  1. Available in black, blue, red, neon orange and neon green.
  2. Full dimension 92 cm; centre mat diameter 62 cm.
  3. Black Cordura PVC bag.
  4. Waterproof taffeta fabric.


  • WETSAC is the ideal birthday or other celebratory gift
  • WETSAC also offers a perfect opportunity to market your store or brand – why not get us to print your logo and/or store details on the pocket of the bag?


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